Lankey is an academic and cultural program that offers French and Arabic studies abroad in Morocco. At Lankey, we strive to provide our participants with a culturally engaging and academically instructive trip with the aim to expose our students to a first-hand language experience that will help them learn (or improve) a new language. We hope to build a global and international understanding through language education and cultural immersion. Our participants study with university professors, partake in various activities and get to visit 7 different cities in Morocco. Lankey has so far welcomed over 100 participants from 23 different countries, all of whom highly recommend the program.

Alumni Testimononies


Andrew W. P. – Middlebury College 

« An absolutely life changing journey that let me explore Morocco on an intimate level that was incomparable to anything else that I’ve ever done. »


Krysten B. – The University of Chicago

« The Lankey Program will help you further your chosen language in leaps and bounds, while also exposing you to a whole other language and brand-new culture. »


Ammar Kandil – Quest University

« An excellent linguistic and cultural program. The Lankey team is incredible and goes out of its way to make sure we have a good experience- I learned a lot, met amazing people and discovered Morocco like I could never have on my own! I highly recommend this program! »

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About Us

About us
Lankey has the goal of revolutionizing the language immersion experience. We strive to provide students of all backgrounds an affordable opportunity to experience a beautiful and unique culture.Read More

Program Description

Program Description
Our French and Arabic study-abroad programs are rigorous, immersion-based learning experiences unlike any others. We have a passion for language unmatched by our competitors,Read More


Check out pictures from our previous programs. Have a look at our classrooms, our activities and our trips. You can see several of our alumni in the pictures- feel free to contact us for their contact informationRead More

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